Fighting The Urge

16 Sep

Your love is on my mind as it was a workout
Different culture and different language, how will it work out
I am losing the battle when it comes to catching feelings for you
Hypnotic eyes and a loving heart creates such a beautiful view

I am proud to be an open minded man with a soft heart
How dare your beauty tranquilize me as if a dart
Sick of females yet you tend to me as if you are a nurse
My handsome smile just might also be a curse

The more I ignore you my heart aches feeling I have abandon it
Like smoking, when it comes to you I just can’t quit
I’m fighting the urge to tell you to me you are special
It’s hard to do because so conveniently you fit my schedule

I’m a big body that needs more than a tune-up
You stimulate my mind and body like this coffee in my cup
Back and forth I fight with all my might
I’m a superman losing this battle to Miss Kryptonite

Timothy Warfield


To A Beautiful Wildflower

8 Sep

Today I think of you instead of feeling sad
In your arms I want to once again lie
Because someone’s action towards me as driven me mad
For comfort I want to look into your eyes

I’m an artist seeking a better role from a director
From you it would be nice to hear other lecture
Hoping it will bring me peace and joy
Once again with your feelings I would never toy

I don’t mind guidance from someone who walks the talk
I’d rather listen to you than hear those that talk just to talk
I want to drink wine instead of whining
I want to share biscuits and tea; considering it fine dining

Beauty is known to cure a beast and a troll
I am both, a person that needs a beautiful wildflower to hold
So that my pain can easily be washed away
In the end, I can once again enjoy my day

Timothy Warfield

My Dominican Notorious Love

1 Sep

Shaken well are my thoughts of you
Medication these days come with a pill that’s blue
So that I can balance the scale between us
Since we share the same views when it comes to Jesus

Two stubborn individuals we are trying to make sense of our past
Eyes in the sky wondering between us how long will we last
So that we can make love with a clear mind
Without leaving one another far behind

Our tears are shown showcasing that we both want love
I wish I was next to you right now to share with you a hug
That way you can see why many love Djarum
Because notoriously or not I want you in my arms

I want you to fall asleep in my lap
Whether for the night or during a rush hour catnap
Like your origin, stars in Texas too shine bright
Hook’em Horns; may us two never ever fight

Timothy Warfield


24 Aug

Your love nest and voice has me wanting more
Brace yourself to endure my mighty roar
I want to take my time this time around
I want to solidify myself as being a clown

I want our scent to mix as if it were an exotic punch
I’m a heavyweight that can match you punch for punch
No feud, just ecstasy in the air
Use my name in vain instead of having to swear

I want our bodies to become one once again
I don’t want you to never regret making me your friend
There is no problem that the heat of the moment can’t cure
My love for you is real, authentic and pure

Use my body as your personal gym
From your mouth I want to hear moans of “Tim”
No towel is needed for I have my tongue
More and more, with passion we both become sprung

Timothy Warfield

Like A Bullet

19 Aug

As if a bullet I have been hit by love
Try as I may, I avoid all hugs
I have been hit from a well known source
I scream for help just to become hoarse

Fully protected, love still managed to hit me hard
Love entered me without a greeting card
X-rays only pointed out in me love exist
I’m showered with love when I thought it was just a mist

Love had my name on it, and aimed straight for my heart
Now that it is in me I’m having difficulty tearing it apart
There is only an entrance wound, no room for an exit
Frustrated by love, it’s too powerful, I can’t withstand it

The more I toss the deeper love penetrates
Love is on my mind 24/7, I can barely concentrate
I don’t know if it’s Cupid’s fault or my own
Love is buried deep in me hitting all my nerves and bones

Timothy Warfield

Beauty of Business

12 Aug




In the land below an angel such as yourself is felt 

Even though my waist is no longer supported by a belt 

I have an organ that wants and cherish your support 

In and out of reality I go waiting to step on a basketball court 


Once I reach my destination I aim to fly above the rim 

Anxious to hear “Warfield” or “Tim” 

The only flood I want to see is tears from your eyes 

Boat at hand along with my arms so you can dig deep while I too cry 


I’m about business once again with or without a contract 

I can see you with or without contacts 

Thoughts of your beauty come to mind today 

I wish I can hold you and hear your voice in the worse way 


My business proposal is at hand waiting for your stamp of approval 

Despite others, to me your passion and beauty is not up for removal 

With each line I write I’m seeking for a new proposition 

I’m looking at you as usual, as a sweet and beautiful transition 


                                     Timothy Warfield 




28 Jul

Like Mary J Blige take me as I am
See my heart instead of a profile of Silence of the Lamb
I am an open minded man with a soft heart
One who is caring and sweet, far from tart

I am a teddy bear that seeks a set of warm arms
A special blend of dark roast that won’t cause you harm
Yes English is my first language, however body I do prefer
Corrective lenses or not into your life I don’t want to be a blur

I have a set of ears that allow me to listen well
Ring the alarm for I am Mr. Save By The Bell
Once in your arms I want to hear your heartbeat
Despite the temperature outside, in the bedroom I want to increase the heat

Life can have it’s ups and downs
I want to bring you joy and happiness as if a clown
Call me Bozo because I love a pie in my face
When it comes to beauty I just have to embrace

Timothy Warfield